Barrie Newborn Photographer • First comes Marriage, then comes…

When you get engaged what is one of the very first things you research & eventually book months in advance? A Photographer! Someone who’s work you adore based on their portfolio. Someone you know will be sure to capture all the effort you put into your special day. You budget & plan for every single thing. You dream of the day & the images in your mind. Knowing that you’ve hired someone “a little over budget”, but feeling confident that you’ve put your money in the right place; because other than those photographs what else do you have left to remember such a momentous occasion?

When you plan for a newborn session the same thoughts should go through your mind. When you make the decision to hire a newborn photographer, you’re investing in an experience that you can’t replicate yourself. You’re paying for the education, creative energy and equipment that only a professional newborn photographer can provide. That knowledge and experience helps to capture your newborn in the most flattering positions and from the perfect angles. When you’re entrusting your baby to a newborn photographer, you want someone with the highest standards imaginable. Experience in soothing techniques; the perfect temperature environment, & a LOT of patience is key to making sure you get the images you’re hoping for. You can’t turn back time to recapture those squishy sleepy newborn moments, so you need to make sure they’re captured in a way that helps you remember them fondly for many years to come.
Newborn Photography is a timeless & priceless investment you will never regret!

Barrie Newborn Photographer