Mommy & Me Session • Barrie Photographer

There’s no doubt about it… when you photograph another Photographer & her children there’s a whole new level of anxiety that comes into play. Their children know all your tricks of the trade & they don’t fall for any of it. When planing this session the plan was to turn it into more of a play time than a portrait session. By adding a playful tent & some fun before we dove into the Mommy & Me portraits the session flowed nicely into some absolutely precious moments. Stephanie’s a great friend of mine & we often chat about how hard it is to step in front of our own cameras. As women we can be so hard on ourselves. It’s rare that we’re the ones in front of the camera & we’ve both decided it’s time to start practicing what we preach & get in there with our own children, so they have memories with Mommy to cherish later on.

With Mother’s Day coming up what better gift to give yourself & your children than memories that will last a lifetime. I’m so excited to be creating absolutely BEAUTIFUL printed products for Stephanie & her children to enjoy for many years to come! I promise to post some product images so you can see all the gorgeous keepsakes we’re creating with these images.And ended the session with a total keeper! LOL

If you’re looking for updated portraits of you & your children contact me here at Life is Art Studios to plan a custom portrait session today!