Barrie Photographer • A Legacy of Love Session

Over the years I’ve photographed thousands of precious interactions between Grandparents & Grandchildren.

After the loss of my Grandma I spent hours & hours reminiscing my way through old albums. Looking at the images of her & her Grandchildren (& Great Grand children). I’ve come to realize that one of my absolute favourite subjects to photograph are these special moments. There’s nothing quite like it. I’ve always LOVED being around older people, and of course you all know, BABIES! Put them together & my passion for capturing this generation gap in a single image is profound! Since I was a little girl people used to call me “an old soul”. Being home-schooled as a child my siblings & I spent a great deal of time singing in nursing homes & volunteering our time to the elderly. Maybe that’s where my love for this generation began, but I’ve always enjoyed being around people who’ve lived & loved.

I love walking into homes that are full of vintage pieces, “stuck in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s” you might say. I would love to photograph a lifestyle session in a home filled with these memories, focusing on Grandparent interactions with their Grandchildren. I also love when Grandparents visit my bright, naturally lit studio for portraits! Being able to capture these moments & knowing they will become priceless pieces of art treasured for generations fills my heart with so much joy! That is why this project has reignited my passion for photography… My “why” & My “heart work”. Because your life is a work of Art! xoxo

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