Rustic Barn Session

As some of you know the baby of our family went off to school this month. It’s hard to believe how fast the last 4 years have flown by! I feel like I blinked & off he was waving goodbye through the school yard fencing. His transition to school has been incredibly easy (for him) compared to both of his big brothers. He’s a very confident & independent little guy. I have to say though; not having little people at home anymore has been a difficult transition for me! For the last decade I have always had little people at home & I miss that terribly. The days when they were home felt long, but the years just flew by… & here I am… able to dive into my life during the day without anyone needing anything from me. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it! It’s a very strange feeling & I’m still adjusting.

Last night I was snuggling with my baby on the couch after school. I asked him if he wanted to chase the sunset with me. He jumped up so excited! Love his enthusiasm! The other two boys looked at me, rolled their eyes & basically told me they had better things to do.

After an evening consult with a new client I grabbed my camera, & ran out the door with a little boy who was very, very excited to wear his new boots & hat. Melt my heart!

We watched the sun set together & ran through the fields picking daisies. There are only a few years like this my friends! I plan on cherishing them & capturing these moments so we can all look back at those simpler times! The years of daisy picking, sunset chasing, & little arms wrapped around my neck! I will remember them always.

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