Wall Art

Introducing Floatmounts, Woodmounts & Canvas! Your choice of product, with 5 different collections to choose from! All products are coated with Non-glare, UV-blocking laminate finish, protection from fading and water damage. Samples of each of these products are available for viewing at Life is Art Studios.

Floatmounts – give the illusion of being suspended in mid-air once displayed.

This Symphony Collection is proudly displayed above the fire place in our home! It’s a reminder of the love we share as a family & how FAST our little ones are growing. I walk past it everyday & feel so blessed!

Symphony-WEBWhite or black edges are available.


The hanging mechanism stays flush to the wall so they stay nice & level! All collections come with coded card stock paper in the actual size of the collection. By hanging these coded paper templates on your wall you will know exactly where to place your hanging nail/screw. This system makes hanging your collection very simple!



Woodmounts – enhance your images with pronounced 2” thick sides. Archival UV lamination to ensure they last through the generations. White or black edges available. Edges are hand painted up to four layers with a bevel edge for a seamless finish.

11x14"woodmount-white sides_____________________

Canvas – Archival quality, hand-stretched 2” depth on the finest quality archival canvas using pine wood stretchers & real pigment inks.


It’s a great idea to take a look around your home before your photography session & measure potential walls that you would like to hang your final art. This way you’ll have an idea of which collection you may want to invest in & when planning your session we can coordinate wardrobe etc. so it flows with the overall feel of the room. At your Order & Reveal Session together we will sit down & decide which photographs you would like to display.


These collections are easy to hang & less expensive than matting & framing! Let’s make ART together!

Please inquire here for pricing.