Limited Edition Winter Wonderland Sessions were a HUGE success this year! Kids of all ages enjoyed playing in the magical winter wonderland we created here at Life is Art Studios! I hope you join us next year as we celebrate this season of JOY & LOVE!

Here’s a little sneak peek at the set with my littlest man Hudson & our cat Bear! Hudson is OBSESSED with Mommy’s studio lately! He hasn’t stopped talking about Winter, & Christmas, & of course Santa since I started building this set! Life is Art Studios is located in our home here in Barrie, ON. which means my children get to see everything Mommy does on a daily basis. I love watching their faces light up when I create magical little themes for my clients. Hudson has been asking to have a snowball fight in the studio & today I spent some one on one time playing with him in my Winter Wonderland set. He LOVED it, as you can tell from the photos. Looking forward to the CrAzY busy week ahead! I’m so grateful for those of you who hire me each year to capture your children’s unique personalities!
I am currently fully booked for these sessions, although a wait list has been started. Interested in being added to the list? Please email me at or click here.

It’s been my absolute pleasure working with this beautiful family for the last 4 years! I’ve watched little Miss Isabella grow from a sweet newborn to a gorgeous little girl who lights up the world with her personality! Her Mommy is Jennifer Jones & her Daddy (who, she so obviously adores) is Brent Laing. Both are champion curlers who’ve “rocked” the world with their many wins & an Olympic GOLD medal! Beyond the fame & excitement of their professional lives they have a family life full of precious moments & the ups & downs of parenthood. Throughout the years I’ve been lucky enough to capture some of these fleeting years for their family.

This past June we planned a very special father daughter tea party at sunset. That night turned out to be one of those magical evenings! So full of memories that you wish you had the photos to remember it by! I’m so glad I was there to capture these precious moments for them!

While working on this session I pictured these photographs playing in a slideshow at Isabella’s wedding someday. I imagine there will not be a dry eye in the whole venue. Your children are growing up so fast! Cherish every moment, document them, engage in play with your children, you will never regret the investment.

I’m so happy they chose to preserve these precious memories by creating an 11×14″ leather bound fine art heirloom album with a beautiful photo cover.040a5857

Interested in creating a magical evening for your family? Please contact me by clicking here or sending an email to Space is limited & sessions are generally booked 1-2months in advance.

I’ve had the honour of photographing two out three of these beautiful girls as newborns. Ellee, their middle daughter visited my studio back in December 2012 for her newborn session. I’m absolutely amazed that Ellee’s going of to school & starting Junior Kindergarten this month! Where has that time gone!?! What I do know is that I’ve come a long way since then! With many, many more newborn sessions under my belt & countless hours of perfecting my craft I’m walking into newborn sessions with a lot more confidence these days, even when babies are alert & ready to party.

Claire here had a little party during her session & decided that Mommy milk was a must & that sleeping was not for babies. I can already tell she’s going to have a wonderful personality. I was calling her my little emoji baby. She has some of the best expressions I’ve ever seen from a newborn! So many sweet faces while she was awake partying. A happy girl who’s just trying to keep up with her big sisters; who are madly in LOVE with her might I add! I could tell from the minute they walked through my door they absolutely ADORED her.

If you’re expecting in the months of January, February or March I’m now booking into those months! I book no more than 3 newborns per month so it’s a good idea to book ahead to avoid disappointment. Newborn sessions are booked tentatively for your due date so it’s always best to book as far in advance as possible to secure your spot. Click here to inquire.

Claire-Newborn-28-BW-WEBI’m so glad they chose to preserve these memories in a beautiful blush pink linen bound fine art album. We will be creating three of these albums throughout this year as a collection of memories to look back on.

It’s been my pleasure to get to know the Gibson family over the years! Have I mentioned lately how much I love working with little boys! They’re so full of energy & genuine smiles! If you don’t know this already I have 3 little boys of my own so working with busy boys is kind of my niche. If you have boys & you’re looking for a photographer who can relate to how busy & FUN they are, with lots of experience photographing boys; then look no further! My goal is to make your family session feel like a little adventure rather than a posed event where everyone stares & smiles at the camera. I think we achieved this during the Gibson’s session, & as you can see it was quite the little adventure! The boys had a lot of fun making memories!


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NOW booking 2016 Limited Winter Wonderland Sessions!

Dates: October 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th

Times: 10am, 11am, 1:30pm

Location: Life is Art Studios 44 Masters Dr. Barrie, ON

Price: $150+hst with a $50 print product credit to be used at your in-studio ordering appointment on October 28th or 29th.

(These sessions are for babies & children only as the set is not large enough to accommodate families)

Ad-2016Below is a little sneak peek at the backdrop/theme this year. A snowy little winter cottage scene (middle image), complete with hanging snow flakes & softly falling faux snow! A set that is sure to capture childlike wonder & playfulness!

Ad-block-ChristmasI’ve put together a collection of colours that work well with the scene to help you coordinate wardrobe. You can go as “Christmassy” as you like with your wardrobe choices. This scene will coordinate nicely with a wide variety of colours due to it’s neutral pallet. An array of outfits & accessories for boys & girls ages newborn – 5years will be offered for use during your session. I will post photos closer to the date & clients are welcome to choose from that selection or have fun collecting their own wardrobe.

These sessions are perfect for creating greeting cards & beautiful gifts for family & friends. For that reason Life is Art Studios is offering Christmas Packages for print products at your Reveal & Order appointment that you’re sure to love! Samples of all products can be seen at the studio during your portrait session.

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This adorable little guy lights up the room with his smile! He absolutely LOVED his Cake Smash Session! You never know if baby’s going to love it or not, but I’d say he thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention & making us all smile & laugh while he dug in!

During each Cake Smash Session portraits are taken before the mess, just in case baby decides they’re not a big fan of the cake part. Then, we take photos of the cake & all the little details of the smash itself (& even some behind the scenes), and we finish the session off with a bubble bath!

Each set is designed with loving care using the parents favourite colours & outfits are chosen to match. I love pulling these all together!

One year later…If you’re interested in more information about booking a cake smash to celebrate this big milestone in your little one’s life please contact me via email at or click here.

040A6706-BLOGA shout out to Sugar City Cupcakes for making this perfect little butter cream icing cake! It tasted just as good as it looked!

Marcus… You melt my heart sweet boy! Marcus has been coming to my cozy Barrie studio since before he was even born! I had the opportunity to snuggle him only a few days after birth & he was such a wonderful little sleeper for his newborn session. I’ve fallen madly in love with this little man over the last two years & I absolutely love working with his lovely parents who adore him (how could you not!). He’s one of my favourite people to photograph! He’s so HaPpY & as CUTE as a button! He was not too sure about the texture of watermelon but he was willing to give it a try & even when he didn’t really love it he burst out in huge SMILES 🙂 During this ordering appointment I had the opportunity to sit down with his Mom to create a beautiful fine art album. They choose a 9×12″ leather bound album complete with his name & a photo strip cover. Such a beautiful story book to cherish through the years!

Here’s a quick cellphone snap of the beautiful heirloom 9×12″ album his parents purchased.

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/>If you don’t want to miss out on our Mini Events & would like to subscribe to be on Life is Art Studio’s mailing list please add your email & click subscribe! At anytime you can cancel your subscription, but this is the very best way to be notified of upcoming events!

I’ve been thinking about hosting a Watermelon Mini Event for years & I finally pulled it together! This was so much fun! I have a few more Reveal Appointments coming up! There will be more blog posts for this event still to come! I couldn’t help but post this session as we just finished up her reveal! These girls LOVED it! So many laughs & genuine smiles. The outfits I chose for them were so adorable & they devoured their watermelon. I also wanted to show with this blog post that although my Mini Events are Themed I’m also sure to capture portrait style images before we dig into all the fun, so you’re always guaranteed images you would proudly display in your home all year round! Love these two goofballs! Enjoy!
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If you don’t want to miss out on our Mini Events & would like to subscribe to be on Life is Art Studio’s mailing list please add your email & click subscribe! At anytime you can cancel your subscription, but this is the very best way to be notified of upcoming events!

Some of you may know that one of my favourite things to do is visit antique shops. When I was a little girl my Mom had a beautiful little antique shop of her own. I spent many hours as a child “treasure hunting” with my parents. Browsing through dusty old houses full of items from the past was a weekly event for me. At age 8 I had an obsession with vintage skeleton keys. I must have collected more than 50 of them. Everywhere we went I searched for a new key that once opened a secret door to another world! My imagination would run wild with each key I collected. I loved looking at all the items in the little shops & now as an adult I feel a strong connection to the things of the past. The old typography on packaging, the smell of old books, the intricacy of a rose printed teacup, & the way things were simply made to last. This morning I visited an antique shop in Barrie. As I was browsing I found a collection of old photographs. Some dating back to 1888. I picked up each one & held them in my hands for a very long time. The art of photography is so powerful. Those solemn expressions on the children’s faces, the clothing they wore, the furniture they sat on, it’s a history lesson as well as a part of someone’s story. Looking at the way the images were printed & preserved is another intriguing thing. The card stock was thick & heavy and some of them the edges are delicately painted in gold. They were created to last & the fact that they’re still here, perfectly intact, & have lasted more than 128 years amazes me! Back then you didn’t take 300 images in 10 seconds. You didn’t expect to receive a USB with hundreds of images from a single event without printing a single one. It was quality over quantity & a single printed portrait of your loved one was cherished for many generations. They were printed & preserved specifically to last through the years so your legacy would live on.

I can’t help but get all nostalgic thinking about how today’s society treats a photograph. Even a professional portrait. Client’s want to know how can I get ALL of the digital images on a USB? Where can I print them on the cheapest paper for the least amount of money? Or worse, “we don’t really need to print them”. Truth is, we’ve lost the real reason we take a photograph in the first place. We’re perfectly happy posting to a digital social media wall & calling it a day. But what happens years from now when that USB is obsolete? Do you remember floppy disks? They didn’t exist that long ago, but yet you can’t find a computer on the market that will retrieve that data. I could list a hundred examples of this. What it comes down to, as I looked at these beautiful prints today was the importance of a single print. A single print mounted & laminated & created to last. At the end of it all what are you leaving behind for your children, your grandchildren, your great-great grandchildren? I bet they will have no idea what Facebook even is! Heck, my kids don’t even know what a cassette tape is!

If you don’t think a photograph is important, wait until it’s all you have left*

What will you leave behind?

Life is Art Studios offers Styrene mounted prints, woodmounted wall art & heirloom quality albums! All created to last through the generations!

* quote from Missy Mwac