When you get engaged what is one of the very first things you research & eventually book months in advance? A Photographer! Someone who’s work you adore based on their portfolio. Someone you know will be sure to capture all the effort you put into your special day. You budget & plan for every single thing. You dream of the day & the images in your mind. Knowing that you’ve hired someone “a little over budget”, but feeling confident that you’ve put your money in the right place; because other than those photographs what else do you have left to remember such a momentous occasion?

When you plan for a newborn session the same thoughts should go through your mind. When you make the decision to hire a newborn photographer, you’re investing in an experience that you can’t replicate yourself. You’re paying for the education, creative energy and equipment that only a professional newborn photographer can provide. That knowledge and experience helps to capture your newborn in the most flattering positions and from the perfect angles. When you’re entrusting your baby to a newborn photographer, you want someone with the highest standards imaginable. Experience in soothing techniques; the perfect temperature environment, & a LOT of patience is key to making sure you get the images you’re hoping for. You can’t turn back time to recapture those squishy sleepy newborn moments, so you need to make sure they’re captured in a way that helps you remember them fondly for many years to come.
Newborn Photography is a timeless & priceless investment you will never regret!

Barrie Newborn Photographer

Two posts in one day! I’m on a blogging roll! I realized just today that I never got around to blogging Rosalie’s (aka Rosie) newborn session last June! How could I have missed this one! Never too late to share! So I will start off with her newborn session & end this blog with some 7 month sweetness!
7 Months later…walflower-frame-BLOG1

What happens in the first 6 months after birth is absolutely amazing! The learning & growing that goes on in the first half a year is almost unbelievable. If you’re like me you’re so sleep deprived you hardly remember this phase of life! While you’re busy adjusting to life with a baby & their ever adjusting schedules of feeding, changing & napping this stage is flashing before your eyes. The days & nights seem long, but before you know it they’re a year old & you can hardly remember how tiny they once were. One of my favourite ages to photograph is around the 6 month mark when they’re sitting up on their own & interacting with smiles, games & singing. It’s an honour to watch them grow & change over the year!

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Meet beautiful Emma! She’s stolen her parents heart & mine as well! I love to capture family memories during a newborn session. The first week with a brand new baby is a blur of exhaustion, healing, & learning. It passes so fast & when you look back it feels like it happened just yesterday, but you can hardly remember when they were that tiny. That is why I think it’s so important to capture moments with parents & siblings during a newborn session. Never again will she fit so perfectly in your arm Daddy. Savor every moment!

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I seem to have the CUTEST little baby faces to photograph in this studio! Spencer has the most wonderful parents any baby boy could ask for! If there’s one thing I love about newborns it’s having something to look back on as they grow to compare just how small they were. Spencer’s Daddy will be able to look at his hard hat everyday & remember just how tiny he once was.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that a 30×40″ Woodmount of Spencer & his friend Ellie will be hanging on his nursery wall. There’s no greater compliment to a photographer than a client who chooses to print large wall art for their home… Except of course a client who tears up during their Reveal appointment in which case I got a double dose of compliments with this wonderful couple.Looking for some of the most beautiful artwork you’ll ever put on your walls, look no further… to book your session today or inquire about wall art click here.

This year we celebrated Valentine’s Day at Life is Art Studios with a sweet shop set that guaranteed lots of SMILES from the little people! Watching their faces light up as they walked into the studio was such a joy! This is our 6th year of Valentine’s Mini Sessions & each year we’ve created a set full of LOVE and excitement! The best part about this year is that each of our clients went home with beautiful keepsakes, prints & wall art from their session so I know that these images will be displayed & preserved on walls other than Facebook, & Grandparents will have the opportunity to hold them in their hands like the good old days! I hope these put a smile on your face! I absolutely adored working with each of you!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!

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One of the many things I’m loving about taking on less clients is the time I have to spend with each one creating a memorable custom photography experience from beginning to end!

Isabella’s Mommy told me she LOVES to bake. With this in mind, I created a little set where she could pretend to bake her own 3rd Birthday cupcakes. Sewing her tiny apron & collecting items to complete this set was so much fun!

Mixing & measuring away we captured these treasured moments celebrating Isabella’s 3rd Birthday! I know she’ll look back through her album many years from now with fond memories. What an honor to be capturing these moments!

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Meet Kennedy! She’ll melt your heart! At 6 months old her little personality was blatantly obvious during her portrait session. One of my favourite ages to photograph because once they’re sitting up on their own & interacting the session becomes a song & dance show that’s sure to bring out all kinds of ADORABLE expressions!Kennedy-28-BLOGKennedy-32-BW-BLOGKennedy-46-BLOGKennedy-15-BW-BLOGKennedy-30-BLOGKennedy-5-BLOGKennedy-6-BW-BLOGKennedy-24-BLOGKennedy-14-BLOGKennedy-26-BW-BLOGKennedy-19-BLOGKennedy-3-BLOGHere are a few images of the beautiful print products Kennedy will inherit to be passed down through the generations. An 11×14″ linen bound, with lay flat board pages & a photo strip cover. Nothing makes me happier than knowing these will be cherished for many years to come! 040A0530-BLOG040A0523-BLOG040A0506-BLOG040A0520-BLOG040A0517-BLOG040A0515-BLOG040A0519-BLOGLove what you see? Interested in booking a session around the 6 month mark?

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December 2014 I had the honour of meeting a Mom who’s courage and strength filled my heart with so much gratitude! She’s since empowered many other Moms to step in front of my camera this past year. I’ve asked if I could share her story & she graciously agreed with hopes that others may be able to relate to her story, or at least feel a sense of peace with where they are in their own life’s journey.

During pregnancy with her third child Jillian developed a bad cough. She couldn’t seem to shake it & at 27 weeks pregnant she was admitted to hospital for further testing. After being transferred to Mt. Sinai in Toronto she spent 3 weeks while they figured out what sub-type of Lymphoma she had. With the diagnosis of Stage 4 mediastinal large B-cell non-hodgkin’s lymphoma she starting treatments right away, & after the second treatment of chemo her hair began to fall out. I can only imagine what it’s like to have your husband shave your head for you. My husband shaved my legs for me once while I was pregnant, but to go bald would be an entirely different experience.

At 34 weeks, she had a c-section & gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was perfect in every way! As a Mom of three myself, I can’t imagine how scary it is to have no choice but to go through treatments while pregnant. What a sigh of relief to finally hold her baby after all they’d been through together! We scheduled Laken’s newborn session & I was very excited to meet them!

When Jillian walked into the studio you could tell she had been through so much more than the normal labour, delivery, & recovery that all Moms are healing from when they come for a newborn session. She’d fought one heck of a battle, but the smile on her face told such a different story. She was beaming. She was so GRATEFUL to be here; holding her baby girl in a moment of true gratitude. There was not a dry eye in the place as she sat there holding her miracle baby while fighting for her own life. It was raw, & it was real, & it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Jillian’s story, & the photograph of her holding Laken while bald & vulnerable is so powerful because it’s more than a photograph of strength & courage, it’s also a wake up call to all Moms. You see. So many Moms come into my studio reluctant to step in front of my camera with their children. Why? Maybe because they’re upset about the few extra pounds they’ve gained after having children; or they aren’t happy with how they look, so they’re waiting to loose a few more pounds before they embrace their children in front of the camera.

Over the past year I’ve had so many Mom’s look at Jillian & Laken’s photograph & agree to step in front of my camera with their children. Right where they are in their own life’s journey. Regardless of those few extra pounds & how they feel about them. Your kids LOVE you unconditionally. Exactly how you are, for who you are. No matter what!

I’m so happy to tell you that Jillian is in remission! What a celebration it was to have them back in the studio for Laken’s 1st Birthday! I hope you enjoy these priceless images of courage, strength & LOVE…

One year later…

Together during their Reveal & Order Appointment we created these beautiful keepsakes!

Jillian’s family & friends have been so supportive through this incredibly difficult year & she would like to thank everyone for the many way’s they’ve helped her through this!

This BEAUTIFUL family… Need I say more? I’m going to let the photographs speak for themselves!

I enjoyed every moment capturing the love, the silliness, & the laughter this family shares! I’m so happy they chose to preserve these memories for the generations to come in a timeless hand crafted, leather-bound, fine art album!

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